Stay Connected Communications

Stay Connected Communications

The Best Service, Products & Price

At Stay Connected Communications, our customers are our highest priority. Our founders have been in the wireless industry since 1985 and have built a strong reputation of integrity and reliability.  To give you the best service available, we hire the best mobile technicians, test our recertified models to meet the highest standards, and carry the latest technology new phones and tablets at affordable prices. And if that’s not enough, we stand behind everything that we do!

Expert Technicians

Professionally trained technicians that repair your phone right, the first time to get you back in touch quickly.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our repairs and refurbished devices go through robust testing, giving our customers confidence in our products.

Latest Technology

Our customers know that we have the brands and technology they want at wallet-friendly prices.

Our Sustainability Promise

Recycling Program

SCC hosts a nationally focused recycling program through a proprietary web portal. By making it easy to return handsets and accessories rather than discard them, SCC extends its green centred commitment to the environment across the country. All aspects of recycling services are managed in partnership with Canada’s most prominent certified electronics recyclers.


Each returned handset that is deemed DOA but has no manufacturer recourse is stripped down and harvested for parts. These parts are used throughout various warranty, loaner phone and replacement/repair initiatives within the SCC umbrella.

Zero Landfill Initiative

Regardless of the condition of the handset, SCC holds true to its values of allowing zero landfill. We strive in every area to prevent the damage of carelessness to the environment. Redistributing the various parts efficiently and consciously.


We’ve Got Your Mobile Needs Covered

Whether you’re in need of an upgrade, or your mobile device is simply broken and you need a repair, we’ll help you…Stay Connected.